Someone, somewhere, is doing something that might help your organization.

Someone you know.

The person may be a business associate, a classmate, a donor, a colleague, an employee, a former boss or a long lost friend. Your acquaintance might have been hired, fired or promoted. Married or the parent of a bride. Started, bought or sold a business. Elected or defeated. The star of a movie or the author of a book. BoldTypeNews Professional provides you with timely information about your contacts so you can renew connections and maintain long-term relationships. Start now for free >


We read thousands of newspapers every day looking for people you know. We read articles in the major newspapers. We read articles in the smallest newspapers. We read articles in newspapers in every state in the U.S. We read millions of articles every year to find news that is important to you. We also read all relevant SEC filings every day to see if someone you know has sold stock, been elected a director or is an executive of a public company. See how it works >


You don't enter a single name.

Which of your contacts will help you today? Is it the person to whom you spoke last week or the person you met ten years ago? BoldTypeNews connects to your contact database so you can keep on top of all of your contacts all of the time. You never know who can help you.

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